a Unique Opportunity to learn about French Legislation

CSULB American graduate students are welcome to apply to our 3 months program in Paris. The French American Fund provides a unique opportunity to learn about the legislative process at the Palais Bourbon both at the Assemblée Nationale and Senate at the invitation of a French Deputy of the France-United States Friendship Group. In addition students will enroll in the Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne University program. Fellowships as part-time legislative aides run from late August to December (please refer to program dates). As part of the fellowship program at the University, students are invited to join seminars on selected topics. (This section will be completed shortly).

University of Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne

The university of Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne was established eight centuries ago and stands as one of the best institutions in humanities and social sciences. Over 1000 research professors and 42 000 French and international students make Paris 1 among the largest and most cosmopolitan French Universities. The agreements concluded with over 300 universities in 65 countries provides a unique international perspective to the academic body. The university has more than 20 sites in the Parisian city centre including historical monuments in the famous Latin Quarter (Sorbonne Panthéon and Michelet centers). 

1. Legislative Assignment

Students will intern within the prestigious Palais Bourbon, a historical building at the heart of French institutional life; it provides a unique opportunity for American students willing to study about French legislation and the making of Law and Democracy. The MPs, elected by all French citizens, form the National Assembly which passes laws, monitors government action and evaluates public policy. [Source: Assemblée Nationale]

2. academic Studies

In addition to Palais Bourbon  part time legislative assignements, students will enroll in one of the many courses available for international exchange students at Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne University. Specialising in humanities and social sciences, the university offers a rich panel of courses that are part of the European Higher Education System. More information available here.

Student Housing

Student housing is provided for by The French American Fund at the Paris International University Campus

Panthéon Sorbonne Paris 1

"Classes part of the European Higher Education system". 

The University of Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne offers courses in 3 main disciplines: law & political science ; economics & management ; arts & humanities. These disciplines are taught in 10 research and teaching departments (UFR). In addition students are welcome to join cultural acitvities and on-campus seminars throughout the semester. These actvities provide a unique oppportunity to discover and appreciate French culture and the best Paris and France has to offer to visiting international exchange students. Several schemes enable you to obtain invitations and reductions to artistic events in the Paris region. 

 Paris Students' Housing

The French American Fund

Paris based Palais Bourbon Fellowships provide a unique approach to international relations and French government institutions, global economics, diplomacy and intercultural relations; students get a chance to experience a new field in international legislation and the making of law; not only does this program provide a platform from which students can gain hands on experience and high level knowledge and relationships; it also gives them additional tools to launch their career upon completion of their studies. 

Watch AFP presentation of the French National Assembly

Photos of the French National Assembly 

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